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Kirsten Storms (on Jason joining GH): I adore him, and I’m really excited that we get the opportunity to work together again. He’s my friend, too. We’ve known each other for a long time, so I’m excited that I’m here for him, to give him someone to hang around with. I think he’s going to fit in well.

Kirsten Storms (to Soap Opera Weekly about working with Jason): I loved working with Jason. I worked with him for a long time, so whenever I think about a good storyline that I always really liked, my mind automatically goes to Jason. We worked together for like six years, and I’m comfortable around him. He’s a friend of mine. We each understand how the other works.

Kirsten Storms on Twitter: I wouldn’t stop bugging Jason if he paid me.

Kristian Alfonso: I haven’t seen Jason in a while, but we do touch base and we also run into each other. For me, it’s always like, “Oh, my God, my boy! How are you?” I love him. He’s such a wonderful human being and played such a good son. He’s so talented. I loved working with Jason and I miss him immensely. Of course, I would love to see him back on the show.

Kristian Alfonso (on Jason leaving Days of our Lives): I’m so proud of Jason. I know I’m not his mother, but I feel like I am! I miss him already. It’s heartbreaking that I’m not going to be able to look into those beautiful eyes of his any more

Peter Reckell (on Jason leaving Days of our Lives) : I’ve heard him say I taught him a lot. But I think Jason actually taught me more. He’s a great man. It was fun to watch him grow up and we’re going to miss him.

Kristian Alfonso (on Jason leaving Days of our Lives and his directorial debut, Social Security Guard): My boy, as I call him. Of course I’m sad that we won’t be working together any more on Days of our Lives, but I’m hoping in the future our paths will cross again and he’ll direct me. I saw his short film and I was so impressed and so proud of him. He not only directed it, he wrote it, produced it and edited it. I was truly blown away and proud as a peacock. I couldn’t stop hugging his mom! The two “moms” were hugging. He’s just a very passionate young man who hasn’t forgotten where he came from. His family is his number one priority and I admire and respect that because I’m the same way.

James Reynolds (on Jason‘s directorial debut, Social Security Guard): I was very impressed. He had a great cast – and as a theatre director myself, I know that the first thing you look for is a great cast.

Matthew Ashford (on Jason‘s directorial debut, Social Security Guard): I was very pleased by what Jason did. It shows there is a lot of creativity in Daytime.

Kristian Alfonso (on Jason, who played her son on DOOL): Jason brought many facets to the character, which made it enjoyable for me to work with him. I expect great things from him in the future.


These people have been my family for seven years. I saw them more than my real family. To get their support really meant a lot. (on inviting former DOOL co-stars to his directorial debut, Social Security Guard).

I started when I was 19 on Days and I was scared out of my mind when I first started because they give you a script every single day and you’ve got to know thirty pages of dialogue, so that’s kinda scary. And how you pull it off with very little rehearsals is kind of scary. But I had great co-stars: Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso, Kirsten Storms. And that was sort of my family growing up on Days (on what’s it like to be a soap star, interview on Good Day Columbus)

I remember walking the halls the first time, I believe for my screen test, and seeing each 1,000th episode picture up on the wall, realizing this was a special family, or fraternity, or legacy of television, and then looking up to watch Peter Reckell walk by in full mime regalia, then wondering what kind of mushrooms I had for lunch.”